Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media MarketingTwitter and Facebook, although not the only social media available, but they have surpassed all other social applications available online. BT has an expert team which devises specialized campaigns to market your business on these social networks. With over 400 million users on Facebook and 100 million plus on twitter they are a huge market to tap. With such an enormous potential, SMM brings unmatched success when handled by subject matter experts like BT social media marketing team.Social Media Marketing helps in:

  • Improving Website Traffic and Tracking Visitor Behavior
  • Increase in Brand Awareness
  • Greater Advertisement Exposure
  • Customers are accessible 24/7 with just a click of a button. A lot of savings in terms of
    Flyers, Newspaper and TV advertisement costs.

It is also a great branding medium for any business. With a dedicated Facebook / Twitter page, end customers are just at a click away for any such business. Plus the Facebook ads are highly targeted with demographics like geographic location, age, etc. being targeted for each ad campaign. We at Batish Technologies specialize in devising killer strategies for social media campaigns. The return on investment (ROI) is just mind boggling.

Batish Technologies, provides Social Media Marketing, SEO and Search Engine Marketing Solutions to its clients. You can contact us to know more about our services.