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Almost every company has an active social media presence, and also owns a business blog. However, very few companies effectively merge their social media marketing strategies with their blog, despite the strong interrelation between the two. If you haven’t yet merged these two aspects of your online marketing plan, the following guidelines show you a few effective ways to do so-

  • Update social media status with link to blog- One of the easiest ways to integrate your social media presence with your blog is by using the link to your blog as your update on social media sites. If you follow the thumb rule of 80% non-promotional posts and 20% promotional posts. A link to your blog is a great contribution to the latter, since it is much more engaging than a blatantly promotional update, and gives users a chance to read something, helping you do demonstrate your expertise in your trade. It is a good idea to post these updates at times when most of your target audience is likely to be online.
  • Establish a cordial relationship with other companies- By linking other company’s names in your status updates related to your blog, you can establish a positive relationship with them. This can be useful in generating positive back links to your blog if they reciprocate.
  • Encourage social sharing- Make sure that the social sharing buttons and nuggets on your blog cannot go unnoticed. Getting readers and subscribers to share your content is a great way to add to your brand image and multiply the number of people reading your blog.
  • Increase your social media followers- If you have followers on your blog who aren’t a part of your social media profiles, your blog is a great way to guide them to these sites. Considering these people are people who are actually interested in the content you are posting, they are likely to be among your most relevant followers.
  • Share your blog via social advertising- Incorporating your blog in your social advertisements is a unique idea that can work wonders. The key idea is that people are much more likely to click on an ad that is informative than one that is sales-oriented. You can achieve the same effect by including a compelling call-to-action at the end of your blog. Be sure to monitor your analytics to ensure that these ads are getting clicked on, and visitors are converting to customers.

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