Performance Monitoring and Management

Performance ManagementPerformance Monitoring and Management and can be defined as process and use of related IT tools to detect, diagnose, remedy and report application’s performance to ensure that it meets or exceeds end-users’ and businesses’ expectations.

Application performance relates to how fast transactions are completed on behalf of, or information is delivered to the end user by the application via a particular network, application and/or web services infrastructure.

Application performance management and Monitoring is related to end-user experience management and real user management in that measuring the experience of real users in the use of an application in production is considered by many as being the most valid method of assessing the performance of an application in production.

The process begins by understanding the user and application needs. Understanding what is important and how to measure the performance of the applications are the critical aspect of APM method. It comprises a comprehensive analysis of performance with respect to applications, network infrastructure and business processes of the organization.

Performance Management
Then it measures data, which includes the resources used by the application and the response time of applications from the perspective of the end user. Measuring these things provide an useful tool to assess how well the systems are doing.

Performance metrics are measured both in real time and over defined periods using APM solution. It delivers continuous monitoring of and reporting for the entire infrastructure.

Other solutions provide only a partial, IT-centric infrastructure view of application performance. Our Application Performance Management solutions give you a full view into application performance and health by providing:

Monitoring across both the enterprise and Internet – Start with the one perspective that matters most–your end users—and track transactions across the entire infrastructure, component by component.

Unified dashboards – Gain role-specific views into how application performance supports your business.

Troubleshooting and resolution – Isolate problems and assign resources to fix them, long before they impact the service you deliver.

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