Local Sydney SEO – Should We Optimize For Google.com Or Google.com.au?

When it comes to local SEO, a dilemma that most businessmen are faced with is whether to optimize their business for a local domain name, or a dotcom one. If you have a Sydney-based business and are considering opting for a Google.com.au domain name, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons of choosing the .com.au over simply a .com. The question of whether to optimize for Google.com or Google.com.au is one that hundreds of local Sydney-based businesses are asking.

While it would be great to have a single answer for all of them, the truth is that it all comes down to what your vision for your business is, and who the primary audience you are targeting is. To put it simply, if your major focus is on local Sydney-based businesses, then a .com.au domain would be ideal for you. This is because such a domain name is great for creating a strong geo-targeting signal, as the .au extension speaks out loud and clear where your business is based.

Another major advantage of a local domain for Sydney-based businesses is the savings on the cost incurred in local SEO. With a local domain, you need to spend less on local SEO, thanks to the inherent advantages of such a domain for local SEO. Businesses that are most likely to benefit from a .com.au domain are those who are targeting customers living in Australia. When a customer is looking for a local business for any purpose they are more likely to gravitate towards the one with a local domain.

However, having said that, there are certain cases in which having a .com domain may be more advantageous for businesses in Sydney. One of the advantages of such a domain is that it is less misleading than a local one. There are greater chances that first time visitors to your website will type in the .com domain name, and if that is the one you have, there shall be no chance of them getting misled to a website that is not yours.

Moreover, if your goal is to connect with an international audience as opposed to an Australia-based one, the .com domain is definitely better for you. You shall rank better on the global platform, making your business accessible to audiences all over the world. The question that you really need to ask, is whether these rankings are relevant to your business’ bottom line, or if they are merely a set of numbers.