Legacy Application Migration

Legacy Application MigrationLegacy Migration, or legacy modernization, refers to the rewriting or porting of a legacy system to a modern computer programming language, software libraries, protocols, or hardware platform. Legacy transformation aims to retain and extend the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms.

A legacy code is any application based on older technologies and hardware, such as mainframes, that continues to provide core services to an organization. Legacy applications are frequently large and difficult to modify, and scrapping or replacing them often means re-engineering an organization’s business processes as well.

However, more and more applications that were written in so called modern languages like java are becoming legacy. Whereas ‘legacy’ languages such as Cobol are top on the list for what would be considered legacy, newer languages can be just as monolithic, hard to modify, and thus, be candidates of modernization projects.

Legacy migration solutions take your application to an open systems platform and also position you to take full advantage of latest technology. With our “don’t just move – improve” approach, a migration project can incorporate improvements to the system such as implementing a GUI or browser interface, switching to a relational database, and even transforming the application to a new programming architecture such as Microsoft .NET or J2EE with our Re-Architecting solutions. The benefits of Legacy application Migration are:

  • Extended ROI in mission critical applications
  • Significantly lower total costs and risks
  • The ability to position core applications, before and after migration, to take
  • Advantage of a vast range of modern technologies
  • Reduced dependence on difficult to find legacy programming skills
  • Improved system flexibility, allowing more access and sharing of legacy application data
  • The most flexible, cost-effective, fastest and minimum risk migration solution.

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