Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management
An identity management system refers to an information system, or to a set of technologies that can be used to support the management of identities, Identity management (or ID management, or simply IdM) is a broad administrative area that deals with identifying individuals in a system (such as a country, a network, or an organization) and controlling access to the resources in that system by placing restrictions on the established identities of the individuals.

With the development of e-business, enterprises now require new methods to manage secure access to information and applications across multiple systems, delivering on-line services to employee, customer and suppliers without compromising security.

To meet the challenges of today’s world, competitive companies need to increase their business agility in a secure environment and need to enforce the performance of their IT infrastructure.

We provide organizations with the tools to automate user account provisioning and workflow, and to create a comprehensive and efficient approach to managing identities and access to resources across enterprise systems.

Manage help desk expenses: via self-serve account management: By providing a single sign-on and centralizing your access management, you can help everyone – especially your IT teams – to work faster and more efficiently.

Raise security: by automating the management of authentication mechanisms: you can ensure that your critical business information is secure and protected – granting access to the right people, at the right time

Help access management: by providing a centralized, authoritative source of user identities. With centralized management, you can react immediately to security risks or changes in your business structure. You can also add/remove or alter staff quickly and easily.