Google’s Penguin Update – Effect On Sydney Based Websites

Google remains in a constant effort to secure its position as the number-one search engine. Ironically, to be the number one, it needs to take heed of who the number ones in its search results are. Not so long ago, Google relied upon a simple algorithm akin to a “crawling spider”, which would scroll websites for relevant keywords, and put those with the most of them, highest on the search results. While that made perfect sense, considering that it supposedly meant that people would get the best possible websites for the keywords they typed, notorious webmasters began to hoodwink Google.

Since there wasn’t much emphasis laid on the quality of the content, simply stuffing keywords into gibberish worked nearly as well, or even better, than logically using those keywords in well-researched content. The result was that while authentic websites were pushed to the bottom, due to poor SEO strategies, spammers who had mastered the knowhow of SEO were basking at the top. The most dissatisfied person in this scenario was the user, who could no longer rely upon the top-ranking websites being the ones that were most reliable.

This put a black mark on Google as a search engine, and in came the Panda update, which took the internet world by a storm, serving as a harsh wakeup call to the know-it-all webmasters. As rankings were severely affected, business owners began re-strategizing their SEO methods, and focusing on quality content. Just when the storm had begun to settle, and websites were sinking into a new normal, came the Penguin update- the latest shocker from Google.
This update, which went live in April, employs a team of real humans, instead of solely relying on Artificial Intelligence, and judges websites on the authenticity and relevance of their content, and on subjective factors like whether they would return to a particular website. Even though this update claims to affect just around 3% of the total websites, its effect seems to be extending far beyond that.

As a result of Google’s Penguin Update various web companies have faced severe fall in their web rankings. The hardest hit are small businesses, which cannot afford to redefine their SEO strategies to the required extent. This makes it imperative to follow the right strategy after weighing in pros and cons of each process. You can also hire an experienced SEO company who can identify the shortcomings and work to get better search engine ranks.

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