Google Pay Per Click

Google Advertising – PPC
Google Pay Per Click
Google advertising also known as Google Adwords or Google PPC(Pay Per click) is the process of advertising on Google search results by targeting on specific keywords, key phrases and on specific geographic locations. This also allows for banner advertising on websites in Google’s network. We at Batish Technologies, provide complete AdWords Campaign management services to our clients.
The process involves the following main steps:

  • Requirement Analysis – Goal Setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • AD Creation
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
Steps Descriptions
Step 1 Requirement Analysis – Goal Setting The process starts with analyzing requirement of client. Analyzing the client website and setting goals. One needs to identify what is the primary purpose of the Google PPC Advertising. Objectives and goals are set in this step.
Some examples can be:

  • Build awareness: I want to make my new product visible to target audience in a geographic region.
  • Geographic area based goal: I want to target audience from USA, West coast region.
Step 2 Keyword research Based on requirement analysis and goal setting, keywords or phrases are shortlisted. Our Google AdWords certified professionals will research keywords based on client’s goals identified in Step 1
Step 3 Landing Page creation and Optimization Once the objectives of the campaigns are set and keywords are decided, the next step is to create/choose the right landing page of the website. With inputs from client, we create an attractive and information rich landing page for converting clicks into leads. Conversion tracking is setup along with other reporting tools.Deliverables: Landing page itself.
Step 4 AD Creation Utilizing the keywords, attractive advertisement copies are created. We get these approved by the client before using them for online advertising. These can be text and/or banner based ads depending upon client’s requirement. If advertisement is supposed to be placed only on Google search results than text ads are prepared.

If advertisements are to be displayed on Google network websites (which involves all major websites online) than a combination of banner and text ads are used.Deliverables: Ad copies (Text and Banner ads) for approval.

Step 5 Ongoing Campaign Management We will set up the campaign once all the four steps above are completed we initiate the actual campaign advertisement. We manage the entire campaign end to end with changing and churning of the ads, target keywords, target locations, etc.The aim is to provide higher ROI and click through rate on the ads.

Comprehensive reporting is generated on a monthly basis providing actual number of visitors through the campaigns. Keyword performance indicators, conversion tracking, geographic location of visitors, etc. is provided in the monthly report.

Deliverables: Comprehensive monthly reports