Facebook Pay Per Click

Facebook Advertising – PPC
Facebook Pay Per ClickAdvertising with Facebook Ads allows you to reach the exact audience with relevant targeted advertising on the most popular social media online.
The process involves following main steps:

  • Identify Goals
  • Target Right
  • Design Engaging Ads
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
  • Review and Improve

We at Batish Technologies, provide complete Facebook Ads Management Services.

Steps Descriptions
Step 1 Identify Goals Goals can be lead generation, building awareness of product/ service, etc. One needs to identify what is the primary purpose of the Facebook Advertising.
Some examples can be

  • Build awareness: I want to make my new product visible to target audience in a geographic region.
  • Grow you fan base: Encourage people to like your Page by offering valuable benefits for engaging.
Step 2 Target the Right Audience Targeting can be by demographic, location, etc.
Some examples can be, targeting the campaigns by:

  • Location, Language, Education, and Work
  • Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status
  • Friends of Connections
  • Connections
Step 3 Design Engaging Advertisement Copies An engaging Ad copy will attract more visitors. This next step involves creating multiple attractive ad copies to be used in the campaigns. We develop highly engaging, targeted ad copies to attract prospects.
Some guidelines followed while creating the copies are:

  • Include business or Facebook Page name, a question, or key information in the title.
  • Provide a clear action to take in the body copy while highlighting the benefits.
  • Use a simple, eye-catching image that is related to your body copy and title.
Step 4 Ongoing Campaign Management Once the basics are setup, the campaign management starts.
It entails management of

  • Daily weekly and monthly budget spends
  • Cost control and management for ads
  • Bidding for ad placement
Step 5 Review and Improve This is a continuous process where we need to work regularly and measure results to keep improving the ROI on each dollar spent.