Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a system used in an organization to collect data, most of which are transactional data, such as purchase records and etc., from one or more data sources, such as the database of a transactional system, into a central data location, the Data Warehouse, and later report on this data, generally in an aggregated way, to business users in the organization.

You are bound to utilize and in fact exploit the data to fetch you the maximum with these data warehousing solutions. In the fast moving cyber world, it is imperative that getting hold of any real data is worth striking a gold as it increases your boundaries to reach your target audience.

  • A data warehousing solution enables common data model for all data of interest apart from of the data’s source. This makes it simpler to report and examine information than it would be if numerous data models were used to recover information such as sales orders, receipts, general accounts charges, etc.
  • Before loading data into the data warehouse, any discrepancy is identified and resolved. This seriously simplifies reporting and examination.
  • Information managed through a data warehousing solution is under the control of data warehouse users so that, even if the source system data are flushed out over time, the information in the warehouse can be saved securely for comprehensive periods of time.
  • Because they are disconnected from operational systems, data warehouses provide retrieval of data without slowing down operational systems.
  • Data warehousing Solutions can work in combination with and, hence, increase the importance of operational business applications, notably customer relationship management (CRM) systems.