CMS (Content Management System)

Title: CMS (Content Management System) – for an Australian Company
This is a custom CMS application for Australian company. They wanted an application to be developed which allows users rich control over the web application.

Batish Technologies (BT) developed the application with a CMS and FluorineFx Service Library for the project. The CMS is used to display content over the website with wide range of widgets. The system offers management of content related to the products and partners provided by the client. The system fully adheres to the business logic specified by the client.

The project includes four major modules:
1. Front-end Micro site (Adobe Flex)
2. Desktop Widgets (Adobe Air and Adobe Flex)
3. CMS Module (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server)
4. Fluorine-FX Service Library (FluorineFx, C#)


  • Controlling and managing desktop widgets through the CMS
  • Maintaining multiple versions of widgets per user.
  • Maintaining the Blogs and RSS feeds posted by users from front end.
  • Maintaining the front end and widgets flash files and images through CMS.
  • Context menu functionality for the admin to build content in iterations to publish and preview the data.
  • User can refer to survey on purchased products.
  • User calculator functionality to increase or decrease the amount of products to be purchase.
  • The Microsite content management developed using ASP.NET technology and stored in MS SQL Server database, Microsite front-end developed in Adobe Flex and FluorineFx is used for communicating front end with CMS
  • The Microsite is comprised of content managed and manually managed components.
  • The Microsite front-end and in particular front-page are designed and built to allow sharing of content between it and the Widget.
  • Although the widget can be accessed offline. In order to gain full access to full functionality, updates and media (Images, video and Flash files) content the user will require internet connection

Technologies: Dot Net Framework 2.0, ASP.NET (, SQL Server 2000, FluorineFx, Telerik RAD Controls, Adobe flex, Adobe air