CMS (Content Management System)

Title: CMS (Content Management System) based web application – for an Australian Company
The objective was to develop a customized content management system for Australia operations of a multinational giant. Aim was to provide client with better control and flexibility over the content and features of their website.

Batish Technologies (BT) developed a custom CMS to manage entire web application and its content. The administrator has wide choices of templates and styles to choose from for the website. The application offers management of content related to the products and services provided by the client, as well as free flowing information (static content) pages. It provides for rich features like URL rewriting, Google analytics, Upload images, Salesforce integration, etc;

The application has a fully functional admin interface to control front end of the web site.


  • Product Template Management
  • Media Uploading Module
  • Image or Flash Uploading Module
  • Location Management Module
  • File Management Module
  • Full Text search Facility
  • Interactive Graphical Interface

Technologies: Dot Net Framework 2.0, ASP.NET,, SQL Server 2000, AJAX, Telerik RAD Controls.